April is coming, what does that mean for your senior?

April is a big month for seniors. Those who applied to highly selective colleges will be getting their admission decisions. Others need to start deciding where they are attending and pay an enrollment deposit. Many students never got to see these colleges in-person. Making a decision is incredibly difficult when you have limited information. ManyContinue reading “April is coming, what does that mean for your senior?”

It is spring of your junior year…so what should you be doing?

Normally, you would be visiting colleges in person. But COVID is making that more challenging. Juniors can still use this spring to search for colleges, start the application process, strengthen their applications, and gather recommendations. Exploring Colleges Some colleges are open for limited visitors. Check the college’s website to learn if you can tour inContinue reading “It is spring of your junior year…so what should you be doing?”

It’s registration time…what courses should your child take?

It is the time of year where high school students and 8th graders are planning their courses for next year. Based on the questions we are receiving, we thought we would compile a list of tips and advice that might help. No two kids are the same, so often our advice is “It depends” becauseContinue reading “It’s registration time…what courses should your child take?”

Overwhelmed by Financial Aid and Tuition Costs

We haven’t had a blog recently, and we apologize for that. Like many of you we are juggling virtual work, virtual school and dealing with pandemic related fatigue. While we haven’t put much in print, we have had the pleasure to work with families through workshops and individual counseling. We continually hear that families areContinue reading “Overwhelmed by Financial Aid and Tuition Costs”

Applying to College in a Pandemic stinks!

College planning in the midst of a pandemic is certainly challenging.  Many K-12 schools are determining if they will open in person, virtually or some form of hybrid. Students aren’t confident they will get all the classes they need if they choose a virtual format.  Parents are worried that grade point averages will be impactedContinue reading “Applying to College in a Pandemic stinks!”

What you say and do on social media matters

Every summer there are several stories about colleges rescinding offers of admission because of questionable social media content. This past Tuesday, Marquette University rescinded the athletic scholarship and admission of a incoming female due to her racist social media post. When you submit an application, and especially when you pay your enrollment deposit, you areContinue reading “What you say and do on social media matters”

Writing an essay in the time of COVID

I read recently that we are all weathering the same storm, but doing it in different boats. Like many other parents I’m juggling working full-time remotely, helping my kids do remote learning, navigating how to feed and supply us when I don’t want to get exposed to the virus by shopping. I’m lucky. No oneContinue reading “Writing an essay in the time of COVID”

Use your social distancing time to find scholarships

High school students everywhere are missing out on so much, but funding for college doesn’t have to be one of them. While stuck at home, why not look for scholarships. Finding scholarships online takes time and effort. Junior year is a good time to start—although most applications are due the fall of senior year. StartingContinue reading “Use your social distancing time to find scholarships”

COVID-19 changes, cancellations and picking a school during the crisis.

What an unprecedented time. I continue to pray this virus will end quickly; for our health workers and first responders to stay healthy; for small business owners and entrepreneurs to survive any economic impact; and that we all give each other help, grace and mercy during this difficult time My heart breaks for high schoolContinue reading “COVID-19 changes, cancellations and picking a school during the crisis.”

Why has it become so difficult to get in to college?

This is a loaded question because while some colleges have become highly selective, many have not. According to Nathan Crawe’s “Demographics and Demand for Higher Education” the birth rate is on a twenty year decline resulting in less high school graduates. As a result, many colleges are struggling to fill their freshmen class. Those schoolsContinue reading “Why has it become so difficult to get in to college?”