Comprehensive Packages

Kate customizers her packages and prices based on the student and their needs. Some students know where they want to attend and just need some help with essays while others need career counseling, developing their college list, and assistance with all aspects of the application. Some students apply to a few schools with no extra essays while others apply to a long list of highly selective schools with multiple essays, which takes significantly more time.

While most students start junior year, Kate can work with younger students looking to plan out high school coursework and activities, or seniors getting a late start.

Please schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs and pricing

Hourly Counseling

Kate can also work on an hourly basis for students needing specific assitance reviewing a particular essay or preparing for a scholarhsip interview. Blocks of several hours can be booked ahead of time to assist a student through one or multiple schools’ applications.

To schedule an hour of counseling click here

Career Counseling

Kate is certified to offer the Strong Interest Inventory to students and adults. This career assessment helps individuals identify their skills and interests and how they relate to careers and majors. It also considers students dislikes and helps identify careers that may not be the best fit for the student. Students receive a report that Kate will explain outlining their skills, possible careers, potential majors and extracurricular activities to try in college. The cost of administering the assessment and counseling on careers is $100. Click here to book your assessment. Please make sure to list the email of the client taking the assessment.

What we don’t do: SAT/ACT test prep, athletic recruitment, guarantee admission to a particular school or complete applications for your child!

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