Coffman Consulting offers a variety of ala carte services to assist you with your college planning. We also contract for long-term services customized to your needs.


Essay Support

Kate will assist students starting in the spring of junior year and anytime through their senior year to brainstorm essay direction, review outlines and drafts, provide feedback and revision suggestions. Kate will not edit or write essays, but help provide the student the feedback needed to standout, impress and strengthen their application.

Interview Preparation

For students applying to schools or scholarship programs that require an interview, Kate will assist the students developing their answers to a variety of questions. Kate will have them practice eye contact and appropriate body language. The student will feel equipped and confident to approach their interviews.

College Search/List Development

Kate will meet with both the parent and student to understand any perimeters to the search (in-state/out-of state, size, costs, religious affiliation), students interests and academic background. Kate will compile a list of schools for the family to explore online. Kate will then meet with the family again to fine tune the list and help the family prepare for visits to those schools.

General Guidance

Kate can assist students with course selection; selecting activities that align with their college and career goals and enhance their admissibility; understanding the admission and/or financial aid process; conducting a scholarship search; maximizing campus visit opportunities and other issues that might strength their application to colleges.

We want to help you go from frustrated to celebratory

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Starting Early

Having a conversation with a counselor in your freshmen or sophomore year can make sure you are taking the right classes, building activities and experiences that are worthwhile, maximizing the opportunities at your high school and in your community. Whether you know what you want to do and need to ensure you get there, or you have no idea and want help finding a direction–we can help.

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Its never too late

We prefer to start assisting students in their sophomore or junior year, we understand everyone has their own timeline. We also understand this is a complicated process and you may not have known to get started sooner. We won’t judge. We will meet you where you are at, and get you started doing all you need to do to have options.

A goal is dream with a deadline–Napolean Hill

Let us help with that dream.

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