How to compare financial aid packages

When I worked in admissions and financial aid, I’d often be contacted by families asking if we would match a scholarship offer from another college. Not every college has the same budget for financial aid, nor do they have the same tuition costs. I’d encourage families to let me do a net price comparison forContinue reading “How to compare financial aid packages”

How to start a college search?

Starting a college search can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of colleges around the country. Schools can have a few hundred students to tens of thousands of students. They are in small towns and large cities. Tuition, scholarships and financial aid vary. So where should you start? A college search engine can be a greatContinue reading “How to start a college search?”

When should you start visiting colleges?

I’m prepared to get some push back on this post. But read it all the way through because I’m not crazy. I want students to submit the strongest applications for admission they can. I also want families to approach the college admission process informed and on the same page. And that starts with visiting collegesContinue reading “When should you start visiting colleges?”

Do I have to take the SAT or ACT?

With so many schools going test optional, do you still need a standardized test score? The answer is yes. The National Center for Fair and Open Testing reports that 1060 college and universities no longer require the SAT or ACT for admission. But there are hundreds of colleges that still do. And even among thoseContinue reading “Do I have to take the SAT or ACT?”