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These age appropriate sessions are designed to help you get on track and stay on track for your college admission process.

Senior Summer Sale– $150

30 Minute kick off call with parent and student followed by three 1-hour virtual sessions with student including: Setting up Common App Brainstorming essay Reviewing college list for reach, target and likely schools Review application timeline One written review with feedback of essay draft following meetings. Set up initial meeting at

Essay Development $100

Brainstorm one essay on a zoom session then receive feedback via email on up to two drafts. Student will be sent a brainstorming document to complete prior to the zoom session to guide the session and get their creative juices flowing.

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On Track Events—$50 a session

8th graders: Too many times we meet with juniors or seniors who have a specific career path or school in mind, but they haven’t taken the right steps. In your counseling session you will learn how to understand your career interests, what courses to take in high school (and when), activities that will strengthen your application (as well as enjoy) and other ways to be prepared through it high school.

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Current High School Freshmen and Sophomores: Taking the right steps for college are important. Maybe you are considering engineering–are you on track to take AP calculus, do you have STEM activities? Coffman Consulting will meet with you and your parents (if they want) to discuss your classes, grades, activities and work experience to help you accomplish the goals you have for yourself. Don’t know what you want to do? That’s ok. We can also help you explore and figure that out.

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Current High School Juniors: It can be challenging knowing where to begin the college search. Your counseling session will help you understand the steps to take, how to develop a list of schools that are right for you, and understand when and what you need to do next

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